21100-78004-71 Toyota Carburetor

Forklift supplier sale forklift fuel system Carburetor parts



21100-78004-71 Toyota Carburetor

Engine: 4P

Guangzhou Hesheng-with advantage of good price for Forklift fuel system Carburetor parts.Hot sale Engine carburetor have : 3P,4P,4Y,5K,h20,H20Ⅱ,K21.

Application in Toyota forklift,Nissan Forklift.Hyster Forklift,caterpillar,Mitsubishi and more.

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A carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a proportion of gasoline with air under the vacuum created by the engine’s operation. Fuel parts Carburetor, a precision mechanical device, utilizes the kinetic energy of inhaled air flow to atomize gasoline. Its importance to the engine can be called the engine’s “heart.” The complete device should include starting device, idle device, medium load device, full load device, acceleration device. Carburetor will be based on the different working conditions of the engine demand, the corresponding ratio of the corresponding concentration, the output of the corresponding amount of mixture, in order to make the mixture of gas mixture more evenly, the carburetor also has the fuel atomization Effect, for the normal operation of the machine.


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