32425-23330-71 Plate Saperator Toyota

Diesel Forklift Parst 32425-23330-71 Plate saperator Toyota 8T



32425-23330-71 Plate Saperator Toyota

Forklift Toyota
Product Plate Saperator
Type Diesel
 Model No.  8T
Parts No.  32425-23330-71

Product Information

3EE-15-21230 separator plate for Komatsu 4 teeth

654254-23800 separator plate for Mitsubishi 4 teeth

3EA-15-11180 separator plate for Komatsu 4  teeth

91324-12601 separator plate for Mitsubishi 24 teeth

32343-30520-71 friction plate for Toyota FD35-40 29 teeth

32461-23330-71 friction plate for Toyota 8F 30 teeth

32461-12010-71 friction plate for Toyota FD35-40 29 teeth

40511-20060-71 friction plate for Toyota 41 teeth

115G3-82751 friction plate for TCM 41 teeth

65425-13700 friction plate for Mitsubishi 41 teeth

31532-25H00 friction plate for Nissan 41 teeth

3EB-15-4117J friction plate for Komatsu 41 teeth

Application forklift


Contact Informations

Att: Tacy
Skype/Facebook:Bgo Tire Tacy
Tire website: www.bgotire.com
Parts website: www.forkliftparts.com
Tel: (86) 020-82169490 or 87227610
Add: Floor 402, Building 2, Yujing Ind. Zone, No.18, Dalingshan Road, Tianhe district Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


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