Pu Wheel Hs Code

Factory and manufacturer of pu wheel ,polyurethane wheel,caster ,roster,wholesale and cheap price for pu wheel.


Dear Customer,

We are a group dedicated to providing solutions and services for forklifts.We have 2 factories producing rubber solid tires, 1 factory specializing in research and development of polyurethane materials and work with a number of Competent manufacturer to provide spare parts.

This website is major for spare parts.If you interested in forklift solid tire and pu wheel, please go vist our another website : www.bgotire.com

Contact +86 13826091136(whatsapp)  Lois



superior material 优质的材料

●High wear resistance 高耐磨

●Unglue 不脱胶

●High rebound 高粘度

●Longer service life 使用寿命长

●Highly load bearing capacity 高承载能力

●Clean 干净

●Full size 种类齐全PU轮 2(1).jpg


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