Forklift Polyurethane Tyre PU Tire

We are manufacturer. We have own factory and product machines with all size. Custom-made size is also ok. 6.00-9, 6.50-10, 7.00-12, 28×9-15, 8.25-15, 500-8, 21×8-9, 18×7-8, 16×6-8, 200/50-10, 15×4.5-8, 23×9-10, 27×10-12, 23×10-12, 300-15


1. polyurethane tires – the most energy-efficient tires.
Low rolling resistance, quality is about 20% lighter than rubber tires.
2. polyurethane tires – the most environmentally friendly tires, the most beautiful solid tires.
Non-toxic and tasteless, brake no trace, high recycling of old tires; jade appearance, jade quality.
3. polyurethane tires – making the most convenient tire.
Solve the solid tire custom mold expensive, long period of the problem. I plant a variety of customized low-speed heavy-duty solid tires (polyurethane elastomer and porous polyurethane foam made of agricultural tires, construction machinery tires, truck tires, etc.); 50 that is free of mold fees, One to two months to delivery; single-child bearing up to 70 tons, the maximum diameter of 3500mm. Custom specifications of the battery car solid tires, the quality of imported products.


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