Forklift Solid Polyurethane Tire 28X9-15

Forklift PU Tyre in China with attractive in price and quality 6.00-9, 6.50-10, 7.00-12, 28×9-15, 8.25-15, 500-8, 21×8-9, 18×7-8, 16×6-8, 200/50-10, 15×4.5-8, 23×9-10, 27×10-12, 23×10-12, 300-15


What are Polyurethane Tire?

Polyurethane Elastomer Is A Kind Of High Quality Material Between Rubber And Plastic Materials, Which With Excellent Properties Such As Abrasion Resistance, Oil Resistance, Tear Resistance, Resistance To Chemical Corrosion, Radiation And Good Adhesion With Other Materials, High Flexibility And Vibration Absorbing Ability Etc. Is Widely Used In Many Fields Of National Economy, Therefore, Become One Of The Indispensable Materials, Industrial And Agricultural Production And People’s Life.


Product Advantages

1. 5 times more wearable than ordinary rubber tires

2. Tire working life over 10000 hours

3. Cost-effective,save about 45-67.8%   f your cost

4. Explosion protection

5. Environmentally protection.Material recyclable

6. Dust  invisible,tra四no-marking

7. Special rims.promise Never slip rin

8. Good vibration performa

9. Cutting and Tearing Resistanc.

10. Comfortable performance ,high tensile strength

11. Light weight, lower rolling resistance


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