Drive Wheel For Electric Forklift

GUANGZHOU HESHENG ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD 17 Year Gold supply Forklift spare parts Top 10 supplier of electric forklift and diesel forklift,PU Wheel. Application forklift : P rofessional development and procurement team, for the Toyota, Nichiyu, Jungheinrich, Linde, Doosan, TCM, Hyster,… 345×140 drive wheel



Application forklift :


Professional development and procurement team, for the Toyota, Nichiyu, Jungheinrich, Linde, Doosan, TCM, Hyster, Komatsu,

Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi, STILL, Yale, CAT, Heli, Hangcha, Tailift, Curtis, ZAPI, Mima, BYD and other famous forklift brand full

range of forklift parts

Parts No.

Hyster (Code) (OEM NO) (Spec.) (Material) (Factory Model) (Bearing Type) (Note)
(Bearing wheel)
85*70 Powerthane 946700
85*90 Powerthane 946800
2790052 85*93 Powerthane 946803
85*100 Powerthane 946900
2790398 85*103 Powerthane 946903
2781513 95*73 Powerthane 946703
HS12774HST 127*74 Core Dia:62mm
(Balance wheel)
125*50 Powerthane 936500
2792389 125*50 Powerthane 936503 6204 ZZV
125*50 Powerthane 959003 6204 ZZV Thicker tread than 936503
(Driving wheel)
2770500 230*75 Powerthane 951900
(Training wheels)
HS12774HST 127*74 Core Dia:62mm
HS20463HST 204*63 Core Dia:52mm

Other Information

Polyurethane solid forklift truck made of polymer materials and nano-composite materials, cost-effective outstanding, with the following advantages:

1, wear-resistant. Equivalent to rubber tires 2-5 times. (Akron wear 0.01cm³ / 1.61km).

2, tear strength (115KN / m), high cutting resistance.

3, bearing large, good fatigue resistance.

4, good elasticity, less deformation, small impact on the forklift, comfortable, not slip ring.

5, reasonable structure, effective solution to endogenous heat problems and puncture problems.

6, light weight (compared with other solid tires), energy saving.

7, environmental non-toxic, brake no trace, can be recycled.

8, weatherability is good, can work normally under -70 ℃ -100 ℃ environment, there is no requirement to humidity.


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